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20 years of a cycle, the NBA draft for the various teams to provide the opportunity to win the championship, but also to countless team to cry without tears. Today we do is 1995's draft, the draft belong to Garnett. 1995 rookie career scoring Wang: Garnett. Career rebounds: Garnett. Career assists Wang: Garnett. 1995 6 all star players: Garnett - Rachid, Wallace - Kevin, Finlay - Michael, Stackhouse, McDyess, Ratliff. annual parallel: eighth overall, Chis Picket, Portland persons (draft day was traded to Milwaukee); 9 cis position, Obanna, New Jersey Nets. second round surprise: forty-third place, Eric snow, the Milwaukee Bucks (draft day was changed to sup cheap jordan shoes for men ersonic). rearrangement Champion (Golden State Warriors): Kevin Garnett (the actual sequence: the fifth overall) from the point of view of 20 years after the eyes, who will miss Garnett a piece of jade?? 15 time all star game, 1 regular season MVP, one of the best defensive players...... Garnett's honor has reached the level of history. Not to mention his 9 consecutive years 20+10, three consecutive years 22+13+5, career appearances have reached the sixth place in history. For warriors, if they get Garnett, they might be able to take the time to 20 years. the actual choice: Joe - Smith - Smith university last year to get 20.8 points and 10.6 rebounds, hit r cheap jordans for sale mens ate of 57.8%, is the rule of NCAA to break up. rearrangement Bangyan (Los Angeles Clippers: Rasheed Wallace (actual cis position: 4th overall) when 41 year old Rasheed Wallace's house at home when the fat fans to know the they had missed out on such a great personality of the player. His data from a high profile, the peak of the score has never been on the 20 points, the rebound has never been on the 10, but his 105.1 victory in the ranking of the contribution to the current second. The pioneer, the piston, and the Celtics have used it all, of course, on the premise that you can put up with him every night ". actual choice: Antonio Mcdyess Antonio Mcdyess Retro jordans for sale university last year were 13.9 points and 10.2 rebounds, shooting 51.2%, trial when he showed extremely abnormal reaction speed and jumping ability. After being drafted by the Clippers he was immediately traded to the nuggets. rearrangement Tanhua (Philadelphia): Michael Finley (the actual sequence: the 21st overall) in the sun, Finley is low-key calm rookie, in Buckley, the eldest, behind the building blocks; in the calf, Finley is hard edged scorer, take the enemy heads from thousands of miles away in "the other a Mike"; in San Antonio, Finley is with a knife to see blood, the assassin, the achievements of his championship dream. Finlay's career is always Retro jordans for sale in the right place at the right time. Career field are 15.7 points, careernow do the old material and exaggerated profile of the trend in the latest series of Japanese brand JieDa re interpretation. Brand series of autumn and winter use oversize long sleeved jacket collocation tall waist or destruction of skinny jeans, more easing trench coat, jacket and outfit style of single product presentation. Hue to keep black and camel quiet colors, to create a simple atmosphere of beauty. Now, we would like to see more than Lookbook. annual 315 international consumer rights day just past, not a few days, in many fakes, unscrupulous businessmen were exposed to detect Cheap air jordans for sale at the same time, friends you like running to running shoes on the feet long a minds eye, choose a pair of authentic quality running shoes to take good care of our feet is also very important. We can also think of the details of the shoe to our APP and get identification area, so that our professional staff to help you dispel doubts. today, small finishing eight shoes identification methods, I hope to help you shoe lovers. ASICS: is the Japanese people Onizuka Yayoshiro founded the running shoes brand campaign, asics is translated from the Latin maxim "anima SANA in corpora Sano", meaning for "sound spirit resides in a strong body. Its products cheap foamposites represent the fine, professional national culture of japan. The brand adhere to the high-tech, high quality standards, developed a number of patents, will prevent the wearing of injuries and sports fun combination, the world's top fifth sports brands. SAUCONY: in the United States enjoys "the Rolls Royce of sports shoes" reputation, is one of the world's four big jogging shoe brands in, SAUCONY sneaker another core technology: grid system is recognized as global only can also provides buffer shock and steady function in the bottom of the technology system, can improve the stability of the high sports shoes and cushioning. SAUCONY running shoes can greatly h cheap jordans online elp runners get the best protection and sports results. BROOKS is famous sports brand in the United States, was founded in 1914, is committed to the development of professional sports shoes, sports brand pioneered the use of sports shoes essential EVA midsole material professional brand, the need to pay attention to is the brand in the domestic temporarily not store,BALANCENEWNB president's favorite, Nb is off the whole layer of running shoes, Nb has a hundred years of history, Nb is the first choice of top marathon runner, Nb is the most human of running shoes. With so many of the world's reputation of BALANCE NEW is also a lot of imitation of a pair of sho Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping es, a pair of genuine NB shoes actually contains a lot of patented technology, we must be in the purchase of their eyes. MIZUNOis a sports brand founded by Japan's MIZUNO Corporation in 1906. After more than a century of continuous efforts, it has become the world's leading sports equipment, clothing and footwear manufacturers. And running as a major project MIZUNO, will use the most advanced Fit on line Precision system, to provide the most professional services to the audience, and choose the most suitable running shoes. 〉 to take part in a marathon, the focus of the most important is you want to Xianpao was finished, otherwise all the scores or tar Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping get speed is just talk. Culture "finish" is the first attempt (whether full marathon or half marathon) marathon runner of the primary task, before a gradual, cumulative sufficient amount of training and match a single long distance long range jogging, will be able to develop good aerobic fitness and muscle endurance, but also can enhance your confidence, let you in the match day full of courage to embark on the starting line, because you know that you will successfully finish the race. image source: Running Taiwan Nike fan group and to have finished the race, want to breakthrough achievements in runners, long distance training still have the necessity of th cheap jordans for sale e training, the more adequate amount of training, you in the long distance running Vietnam can do a job with skill and ease the mixing speed, the use of body fat as an energy source, you can under the foundation of physical fatigue, through the speed of practice to improve performance, if even finish the race was difficult, it should be to speed up the pace, the second half of the game may only physical decline, the stall in retreat. challenge the limits of self exploration, and break through the wall have you heard of the "wall"? Running body while burning stored in vivo hepatic carbohydrate and fat as an energy source, the glycogen will be given priority in the use of, and when the movement time is too long, the body glycogen is depleted, and fat to less than the supply of physical exercise, muscle will be due to a lack of energy and no work can be done, the brain will stop you "mutilations, wants you to stop, you will feel what is run down. At the same time, often on the verge of muscular endurance limit, legs like a thousand pounds, as if to run more than one step is very difficult, this is the so-called marathon wall. runs through the long distance training to develop muscle endurance, fat burning capacity is a marathon training program (photo source: Running Taiwan Nike fans group) for the novice, because the body has not yet adapted to long distance running, muscular endurance and the fat burning ability is insufficient, so before the game should practice of long distance running, on the one hand through the movement of the muscle, training muscular endurance, on the other hand also to let the body under the situation of lack of energy, learn to use fat as an energy source, so in the course of the game, adipose conversion for energy efficiency will be relatively high, can timely make up for in vivo glycogen depleted of energy gaps. In addition, through the exercise of practical long distance, you also know that self chuck the occurrence period of time, in order to advance the energy supply. long distance training runs, though important, but still should be carried out step by step, according to the table class exercises and a conservative to increase training capacity; and ran group or running friends together long distance endurance run is no longer fit also but, because of the long distance as its name is smelly and long, individual training run is likely to give up because the process is tedious, the group ran a friend in, ran to chat, you will find distance and time is no longer a long, complete a long-distance running, the original is not as imagined so difficult. select the appropriate equipment, find 〉