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After yesterday's first preview, overwhelmed we officially opened for you a new Stan Smith adidas Consortium series veil. adidas Stan Smith's classic shoes soil volume returned this year, Consortium also took the continuation of its signature version of the type and minimalist style, each using a snakeskin pattern, patterns and other explosive crack and ostrich four different textures white Leather shoes are material to build, but then with the green tongue and heel and retro white outsole to continue to convey the essence of a classic. The series of shoes will soon landed No 74 Berlin designated shops, etc., also please a lot of attention!& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; this day to come sooner or later. Adidas has no intention to endure the high cost of Chinese footwear industry, has recently proposed to gradually shift its production base in China to more competitive Vietnam, Cambodia and India and other countries. Meanwhile, Nike, Puma and other international shoe giant also increased procurement in Southeast Asia. Adidas is the pursuit of their global procurement cost advantage, while China's low-cost footwear era has lopsided. internal costs rose more than expected Adi "The company is discussing a phased roll-out the production base of China's problems, has been sent to study in Southeast Asia, mainly China manufacturing costs rise and policy tightening. "A Adidas China who confirmed to reporters. Currently, the Adidas products, nearly 50% are made in China, there are 264 factories. But in recent years China's footwear industry costs have been rising, exceeding the expectations of Adidas, so they consi cheap jordan shoes for men der to be transferred. Asia Footwear Association Secretary-General Li told reporters that in recent years China's footwear industry overall costs rose by 25% to 30%, while the average profit margin of footwear made in 5% to 8%. Especially in the RMB exchange rate instability, may engulf orders profits and even loss-making enterprises. According to the reporter, Adidas is very concerned about the continuous appreciation of the RMB, the Government of processing trade policies and the impact of new "Labor Contract Law" on the investment environment in the Mainland, and its large-scale manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Wanbang Shoe Company, etc. Intensive discussed. For the cost of the fare increase, driven by the requirements of foundries, Adidas has made some compromises. Wanbang Shoe spokesman Guo Wei Wen said that this year, Adidas will adjust the price based on costs of the plant. But Adidas does not intend to accept the factory sustained increase request. "If the plant again raise prices, customers could find more competitive plants, or to order the transfer to Southeast Asia. And other countries and regions in Asia than in China factory costs have not competitive." Guo Wei Wen told reporters, in order to reduce production costs, the IMC has put Guangzhou shoe production lines to the northern part of Guangdong Qingyuan areas. In addition, the Chinese footwear industry reshuffle also allow Adidas to orders placed embarrassment. "Now is the factory and the buyers of the game process." A former Wal-Mart shoe department procurement analysis, the current PRD shoe companies and affiliated compani cheap jordans for sale mens es, nearly half collapse or atrophy, enhanced bargaining power of large factories, buyers have hand Unwilling to increase a lot of orders down do not go out, so buyers and factories are in a stalemate. "In the course of the game, the Chinese business orders lost 10% to 15%, the main flow of the Southeast Asian region." Global procurement strategies support Adidas is its transfer global sourcing strategy. For cost reasons, Adidas will outsource production of more than 95% of the plant to an independent third party. It and other international shoe giant Nike, like most of the mode of operation to take the brand itself to focus on design, not have their own factories in the world, looking for OEM factory and sold worldwide. Currently its main factory in Asia. Apart from China, it is in India, Vietnam, Indonesia has a certain foundries. So when placing orders, Adidas will consider cost situation around the plant. Adidas, said a big reason is the transfer of production bases of Chinese labor costs continue to increase. According to the recent inspection tour of Southeast Asia, many countries Wuzhen Chang, chairman of Guangzhou Pegasus Footwear analysis, labor cost inflation is currently in Southeast Asia are on the rise, but the PRD rose faster than these places. "With the yuan appreciation, dollar-denominated, the Pearl River Delta factory workers average monthly wage (plus social security) in 230 to $ 250, $ 100 to 120 in Indonesia, Vietnam US $ 70 ~ 90." Pegasus Footwear has been Nike foundry. Wuzhen Chang said that at present there is no change in Nike's orders, "but in order to spread the risk o Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping f Nike, has been a global sourcing, has a number of factories in various places, and then weigh the cost and other aspects of factors determine the order under where." So if China costs continue to rise, do not rule out the order will be transferred. Adidas is the pursuit of global sourcing strategy cost advantages, in line with the world's footwear industry migration path, these international shoe giant global procurement to some extent, promote the industrial transfer. As in the 1970s, Adidas, Nike and other production bases from Europe and America into Japan, Korea, China Taiwan region into the 1980s, but in the 1990s due to the appreciation of NT, labor costs began to shift to the Chinese mainland. Today, these giant turned to Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Laos and other countries, took a fancy to the Chinese mainland is lower than the cost advantage of these areas. "It is estimated more complex products will be manufactured in China, but labor-intensive, relatively low cost of products will gradually turn out." An industry source said. Adidas for delivery, technology and labor efficiency in Southeast Asia currently exists and not expressed concern, indicating its determination to transfer. foundries turn out to follow In fact, Adidas foundry early in its "requirements" expansion of production lines in Southeast Asia. IMC currently only OEM Adidas footwear brand. It Qingyuan, Guangdong production lines producing 1.2 million pairs of shoes per month, workers more than 15,000 people. But at the request of Adidas, which opened a factory to go to India, but India is stil Cheap air jordans for sale l expanding plant capacity, monthly production of shoes from 100,000 pairs in 2007 increased to 300,000 pairs now. "These multinational clients in order to spread risk and lower procurement costs, require us to have the best Chinese production capacity to meet it." Guo Wei Wen told reporters that the company hopes the factory in China can maintain stable production volume India factory expansion will not cause conflicts on two plants. But how the initiative is under orders rests in the hands of Adidas. In addition, Adidas, Nike, Puma and other brands OEM Yue Yuen Industrial (0551.HK) is also expanding production lines in Southeast Asia, it is part of Taiwan's Pou Chen Group. In addition to factories outside China, Yue Yuen Industrial 2007 annual report, in order to meet the requirements of customers purchasing in China, Vietnam and Indonesia production base in the implementation of capacity expansion plan, currently has 210, respectively, in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, 117 and 71 production lines. There Taiwan enterprises believe, just like the original with orders to Taiwanese factory moved from Taiwan to the Pearl River Delta, as now the order but also to Southeast Asia, or is likely to lose orders. Meanwhile, a group supporting the footwear companies to follow the big shoe companies turn out China. "production base of international shoe giant's shift may be leading a new round of the shoe industry transfer their destination in Southeast Asia." The industry believes that, of course, this is a gradual roll-out of slow process, but enough to cause the domestic shoe-making enterprises attention.The cheap jordans online KingCS 2013-10-15 23:00 editor 0.jpg (492.57 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-15 23:00 upload 1.jpg (574.5 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-15 23:00 upload 2.jpg (374.57 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-15 22:57 upload 3.jpg (198.9 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-15 22:57 upload 4.jpg (316.09 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-15 22:57 upload 5.jpg (345.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-15 22:57 upload 6.jpg (690.27 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-15 22:57 upload adidas-consortium-stan-smith-primeknit-reflective-pack-2.jpg (293.11 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-4 14:25 upload has properties of lightweight breathable and comfortable fit, Adidas Consortium Stan Smith to create a classic version of Primeknit is one of the most suitable for summer wear shoes. The "Reflective" series and recently brought, is based on the simple black and white two colors, on both sides and heel into silver reflective details, to further improve the function of the shoes, and are equipped with a large white bottom. adidas-consortium-stan-smith-primeknit-reflective-pack-1.jpg (360.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-4 14:25 upload adidas-consortium-stan-smith-primeknit-reflective-pack-3.jpg (284.32 KB, download number: Retro jordans for sale 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-4 14:25 upload adidas-consortium-stan-smith-primeknit-reflective-pack-4.jpg (456.92 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-4 14:25 upload adidas-consortium-stan-smith-primeknit-reflective-01.jpg (90.06 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-4 14:25 upload adidas-consortium-stan-smith-primeks"I heard that Nike signed the 'Running Fan'!" In mid-June, the network began to rumors of the news, a few days after Nike sternly denied. Now is the Adidas and Nike Olympic marketing sprint stage, the two sides have reached level exposure pursuit pinnacle. But in the eyes of many, when the "trick", the Nike seems better. I am afraid there is no sense of crisis ??????? stronger partner of the Beijing Olympic Games.??????? born half a century later, Nike entered China earlier, and is now about 30% of the market share of the athletic footwear market in China ranked the boss. Adidas brand awareness in China of slightly inferior Nike, even from the 1930s to the glorious history of Olympic sponsorship also rarely known. Adidas and Nike, this particular PK, not only related to China, but also a matter of the globe. ? As early as the beginning of 2007, Adidas chairman and CEO Herbert Hainer had asserted in 2010, Adidas expects to reach sales target of one billion euros in China; and by pulling the Olympic Games, in 2010 global sales Adidas the amount is expected to reach 10 billion euros. At present, Adidas's sales in China only about 5 billion yuan. Adidas most anxiety is that it paid appr cheap jordans for sale oximately $ 100 million for the "Beijing Olympic Partner" title, and in the Beijing Olympic Games, China 28 major items of the 22 teams will be dressed in sportswear and sneakers with the Nike logo competition, and will be frequently broadcast on television. This is bound to be an exciting game Landlords - Adidas is the "landlord", Nike has got a good hand. In order to be their common regarded as "second-largest market," China to seize the initiative, in order to not "taken advantage", Adidas pull out all the stops. However, the deal with Nike this "old slick," is not so simple. positive PK "Let us look at the Nike surprised look it." November 30, 2007, as managing director of Adidas Greater China ????? bang shouting, Bi Po-yuan, vice president of the Olympic project director Erica and the Greater China market blonde passionate look out of the meeting room, the lights went straight men who called Beijing Yongding tower. In order to reach Herbert? Heiner's grand goal, from the end of 2007, Adidas Olympic marketing into the battle, Bi Po-yuan and Erica's nerves are stretched too tightly, they inadvertently vacation, playing golf You can not even retired and sit goods for coffee, even an interview with reporters also controlled within a very short time. This evening, ????? on the Yongding Gate tower started brewing for two years, 08 Olympic program - "with the 2008 nothing is impossible." At this time Erica and Bi Po-yuan finally relieved. Two years planning their Olympic marketing team more than a dozen theme of planning, was born in discussing the optimal solution, PK and continuous improvement. In cheap foamposites the eyes of Bi Po-yuan, nearly 08 Olympic program is to determine the maximum ace in the Adidas Olympic marketing success of China. Since that time, "with the 2008 nothing is impossible," the ads frequently appeared in major media, bus stations, subway. Bi Po-yuan told reporters that, in order to make Feng Kun, Zhao Ruirui, Hu Jia, Zheng Sui Feifei and so on to complete the exciting action in the solidarity of the Chinese people shot, Adidas brings together the advantages of resources to the United States, Europe, Brussels, and other branches, take Hollywood large technology and produced in the United States. The idea came from Adidas Greater China, as well as working with them long TBWA advertising agency. "In order to crash out of inspiration, we challenge each other." In addition to advertising, Adidas also hoping to win the attention of outdoor activities. December 8, 2007, in Shanghai Nanjing Road Century Plaza, Adidas is also to a variety of interesting sports interactive games and high-tech experience into the lives of ordinary people. In most of the day in January 2008, the Beijing Wangfujing (36.07, -0.44, -1.21%, right) walk across the street are the Adidas outdoor advertising and experience center. Every day, men and women wearing a down jacket lining up in the cold waiting for 15:00 to 4:00 only one hour of Adidas outdoor experience activities. Many foreign tourists, in order to obtain as diving photograph and Hu Jia Ji Chuan Adidas template or key chain, willing to put valuable time on behalf of the Olympic experience left Adidas. Similar outdoor activities is still Xi'an, Qingdao, Guangzh Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ou and other places to start. According to Bi Po-yuan said that nearly 50 million participants. In the frontal battlefields, Nike is obviously difficult to ward off the power. The lack of a title partner of the Olympic Games, it is difficult to take large-scale outdoor activities to promote Nike and Olympic ties. Adidas has good luck continued, in June 2008, "with the 2008 nothing is impossible" themed ad also won the Cannes International Advertising Festival awards. Bi Po-yuan believe that this award so that more people in the world understand China Olympic spirit of solidarity, as well as Adidas influence in China. Running Star in July 2006, Liu Xiang broke the 110 meters hurdles world record of the day, Nike China store clerk put on a promotional commemorative T-shirt; August 2007 Osaka World Championships Liu Xiang after the achievement, "Grand Slam", the same day on the development of Nike designed the "Raymond" T-shirts Nike Pan Jianhua, director of the Greater China market, said, "Our long-term goal is to be able to represent Nike in 2008 to convey a voice. Liu Xiang," the latest Nike ad is to show the focus by Liu Xiang, then the sentence "Who am I", caused teenagers to own more personalized labels affixed. While Adidas imperial sword in hand, Nike Shuaqi Bora Bowen Kang also made uneasy. Over the past year, one hand clutching a Nike Liu Xiang and Yao Ming, one hand busy four Taobao, the "guerrilla warfare" play lively. Adidas battle of wits nearly the tenth Olympic Games, Nike CEO Mark? Parker on Olympic marketing has long been clear in the chest. Especially in the Beijing Olympics, Nike Retro jordans for sale and Adidas superiority almost as obvious - the latter have equity partners, the former have more athletes resources. In almost all the energy to invest in Adidas for Partner status, while Nike cover of darkness with 22 Chinese sports team signed an agreement to provide their competition clothing and shoes. Insiders comment that this is simply to resistant gram tied a safety rope - in 22 teams, regardless of which player won the gold medal, he was wearing Nike logo screen will match He was repeatedly replayed. While Adidas also flew keep up, he scored all staff clothing and athletes receiving awards, but I'm afraid awards replay number far less than the game itself. ace resources and Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Nike's biggest bargaining chip, but also the biggest risk, after all, can not guarantee that they will be outstanding performance in the Olympics and even won the gold medal. However, according to feedback watchers look, Adidas in the hands of five "2" seems no match for Nike's two "king." And with Hu Jia, Sui Feifei's wounded, depressed Chinese football star strategy risk Adidas magnified. Although Nike also encountered a similar situation - Yao Ming injured, but at least it can be hard to use Liu Xiang. In fact, with the American culture and ace star to conquer the consumer Nike has always killer. The 1970s and 1980s, Nike is relying on to Jordan and Lewis as the representative of the American culture has captured the Adidas's home European market. "in Nike's eyes, Liu Xiang and Yao Ming is China's Michael Jordan and Lewis - their results as outstanding, unique personality, and gentle man, for the majority of Chinese people are like," I worked at Nike former vice president had sharp (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd. Frank said. In some industry view, Nike, in fact there are more ferocious trick - Adidas to become a star of the Olympics, Nike happens to quit, it must manufacture something out to get yourself a star . In June 2008, something about Nike, Li Ning news or will acquire seen in the media. People gaze suddenly turn - local businesses to be acquired first sports brand, everyone's attention turned to the Olympic marketing takeover rumors for a time, speculation, feedback, rumor, created a hubbub. Nike did not say what the final terms, though what it said everything. While Adidas in China lack the "trump card", but it is active in the region outside of China. June 13, 2008, Cuba's Robles 87 to 12 seconds broke the Chinese player Liu Xiang kept 110m hurdles world record. In addition to China, Adidas in many countries we have done Roberts broke the record of celebration, especially in Cuba native, Adidas activities will Cubans excited climax. Just as Adidas has said, the Olympics is gathering people around the world, but in different countries must be differentiated Olympic marketing. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; China elements in front of PK, Adidas and Nike winners and losers half. The third round of the ring and go to war, this time is more than "Who will use more Chinese elements." 2008, Adidas counters became Olympic enthusiasts paradise. Marked "China", "Beijing 2008," as well as China and India Adidas sportswear in a prominent position, and use the clouds, dragons and bright traditional colors. An Adidas Purchasing Guide said that these clothes are small, but very good sales. Adidas designed Chinese athletes receiving awards also laden with rich Olympic and Chinese-style cloud patterns. In order to show Adidas passion for Chinese culture, at a press conference on January Olympic Games staff and volunteers apparel, Adidas also ingenuity to the T-Taiwan replaced the traditional opera stage. Nike can only sword easy road, we played cards creative. Earlier this year, Nike launched a new "golden generation" series, Xu Haifeng, Lang Ping, Zhu Jianhua story of three old athlete at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles for inspiration, to design a 1984 retro cultural sports products. So many people are born kind, style clothing design the basic copy the 1984 Chinese track and field team clothing, with bright red flags, primarily imperial gold and blue color movement, chest bright yellow "Chinese" word as if history mark. According to a Nike Purchasing Guide, said the series is a limited edition, so many malls and stores are not selling. In this regard, Frank believes that "Nike is mostly in manufacturing gimmick, from this perspective reflects Nike's focus on China Olympic spirit, and not really the pursuit of sales 1984 series, because Nike's target group is mainly young people aged 18-25, The '80 'to' 1984 'no impression, let alone deep feelings, probably will not buy. " Nike also took four years to design a series of elements contain Chinese flag, such as the dragon totem, Terra Cotta Warriors, auxiliary first superhero, "up", "forward", five-pointed star, etc., for 22 Chinese sports teams competition clothing, and strive refreshing. Not only that, Nike has developed a new sneakers with concepts such as the Bird's Nest. A pair of shoes, the whole constituted by the shape of the surface of the nest of the network, once cool styling Lively users. In addition, in order to cater to Chinese consumers worship of technology, from the end of May, Nike themed as "victorious" exhibition in Beijing 798 years. Exhibition hall, the two rows of red patchwork "shoe" are placed in the most representative of the history of Nike shoes, along with 100 against the resistance of the process description. Many design and creative enthusiasts flock they do not know who is the Adidas and Nike Olympic partners, but mostly dumped in Nike technology. less than a month away from the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, Adidas and Nike are must attack to play a "Chinese Kung Fu." Behind them is the shopping capital of creative shopping. It is said that Adidas has paid three times more than the amount of sponsorship money for marketing, Nike apparently spent a lot of money. The next month, sports PK planes will enter the deciding game, everyone will be the referee. Frank said that through these rounds of PK, Adidas and Nike have been snarky style: Nike pay more attention to the individual, such as the performance of the star athlete's personal breakthrough and success. Adidas pay more attention to the team, to convey the spirit of teamwork in the brand appeal. Nike focus on creativity, while Adidas is more concerned about the consumer experience. Two styles which will be more to win the market? The answer revealed soon.