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, a pair of boots before Kobe was placed on the online auction, the final was a fan for $30400 to take, in order to calculate the current exchange rate of about about 200000 yuan, is the price of shoes. but it is worth mentioning that the auction was taken out and Kobe is not Kobe's personal signature boots boots, he is wearing a pair of Jordan Kobe had the three generation of shoes. This is a Lakers Air Jordan3 generation, the overall color shoes by the Lakers main color, white cement base shoe body beautiful, in the bottom coating of purple, yellow tongue trapeze logo. as everyone knows, the 2002-03 season is a season Kobe shoes, then he just a shoe sponsor for the terms of the contract termination, restrictions and other reasons have failed with the new shoes sponsors approximately, the foot shoe brand is changed, which because of his personal worship of Jordan. Jordan the signature shoes belong to too many. We mentioned today is this pair of shoes is from the auction period. also mentioned this pair of shoes have to say about Kobe was wearing it when the game background. Kobe was wearing it coincides with the launch of the Jordan 3 Air 15th anniversary, and the game day in Jordan's day, after the evening of February 18th, the night of O'neal's absence, Kobe led the Lakers with the new champion alone against the Ya buy cheap jordans online o Ming rockets. the Lakers and rockets in the two overtime to a 106-99 victory, the Kobe scored 52 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, Jordan made a landmark action put on AJ3 PE's Kobe in the game, especially in the basket strong buckle Yao Ming lens. Yao Ming? He in the game for the first time with 6 fouls. as background information here to add, the current market raceshoes auction record is Jordan wearing a pair of CONVERSE shoes, this pair of shoes worn by Jordan in the 1984 Olympic games against spain. This pair of shoes were sold for a price of $190373. this morning with KD 10 starting color Limited debut, the week shoes sale is also opened! tomorrow morning will usher in the low 11 Low "Barons Jordan Air" the long-awaited debut, and two pairs of new girls is more delicate and extraordinary. Here we have to preview this weekend which will be a new face to meet with us! Nike KD 10 "Anniversary" number: 897817-900 release date: May 26th price: $1299 RMB KD and Nike 10th anniversary to commemorate Durant, the latest generation of boots KD 10 starting color, will Swoosh into him from the university has all the team's color, collocation lacing system to build a new, multi density Flyknit fabric uppers and improved full palm visual Zoom Air, the performance and comfort to a new height! this morning in Nike China Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale district official limited edition, price $1299 RMB. Air Jordan 31 Low "Midnight Navy " number: 897564-400 (male), 897562-400 (female) release date: May 26th sale price: $1399, $999 RMB RMB Air Jordan 31 is more suitable for summer wear once again usher in a low top version, has not previously white shoes, the classic midnight blue show this time, low shoe type flexible and bring the overall tone to create a steady low-key, whether playing combat or daily wear can easily deduce, full palm Air and Zoom Flyweave shoe more to ensure the wearing comfort, Ima Hayao, female models officially added to the actual party may pay more attention to! Converse x CLOT "TEXMEX" Pack CLOT and Converse Edison brother has always maintained good relations of cooperation, to bring the summer's new joint TEXMEX Pack! in the United States, Texas and Mexico "TEXMEX" prints for inspiration, Converse Thunderbolt Ultra shoes and Windbreaker coat. had earlier landed CLOT official website and Juice shops, this morning has Converse official website officially added Chen classmates might pay more attention! Air Jordan 11 Low Ba〉for football shoe design, between fancy gimmicks and an inspired passage only a thin line. Some technology can make a brand of football shoes, and some may stunt the reputation of the brand be destroyed on one da jordans on sale mens y. Concave is a unique risk in the football shoes market, but they believe that they have found a way to break out of the world in the market after 2016. So the question is, whether consumers will buy it? Volt+ football shoes, speed? Force almost? first popular science, Concave has always been at the top of the shoe's shoe lace area into a so-called Concave area, the area in the shot when the equivalent of 4 times the other shoes to provide a hit area. In adhering to the tradition, Volt+ also uses a speed type of football shoes design. Therefore, in this view, Concave both Volt+ brand has always shown the strength of the elements, but also designed for speed type player football shoes. Volt football shoes look how? first, the volt Feibi volt, this pair of shoes, although the name Volt+, is not we often see in other brands volts yellow (bright yellow) the color, but with the classic and elegant black as the main color. The shoe toes Concave trademark is bright pink, the same color also appears in the spike at. Yes, bright pink, not bright yellow. As for the name of the shoe, "Volt+" is printed on the heel at the heel. Of course, if you look carefully, you will find that the entire pair of shoes, the body is full of countless tiny Concave trademark. So, in general, the appearance of this shoe is modern and classic. the shoes a jordans on sale online re one of the integral upper, soft? Is hard? from the shoe process we can see, although the Concave brand has always focused on the lace on the shooting and transmission control technology, but this time they are in the overall level of the production of shoes quite a kung fu. Indeed, this pair of shoes is indeed a bit hard to come out, and although the upper is very thin, but still need to adapt to a two training can be completely worn open. But once wear, the comfort of this pair of shoes is really surprising. Cushioning material with a gel similar to the heel of the shoe pad. This pair of shoes is very comfortable when compared to other speed football shoes. the lining of the shoe uses the Concave so-called "Lining Fusion", that is, the inside of the whole pair of shoes are similar to a miniature version of the chain version of the structure. In the final analysis, this structure can maintain the shape of football shoes and provide a better fit for all kinds of foot type. Soles do feel more hard, but this feeling is more people feel can provide better feedback rather than lead to discomfort. Throughout the testing process, we did not feel the new shoe will wear foot in addition to a bubble. from wearing comfort, the piece of "C〉 we only slight criticism is the top of the lacesin this month, together for a number of jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black years in the case of final appeal, in this by the Americans and Chinese fought the lawsuit, Chinese support is american. Keywords because this case is a name: Jordan when the Supreme People's court, China Jordan sports damage the American basketball superstar Michael · Jordan's name right, which dragged on for four years and finally put a stop infringement case. for this result, Chinese users have a message: "Chinese Jordan finally was retribution." "The Qiaodan Chinese face a diujin." in the case of the argument "Jordan" trademark and Michael · Jordan correspondence? said: "Jordan sports" excuse Jordan is not the name, but the meaning of the South plant. for this speech we can only say: but a little "Jordan sports" is not quibble, it was from the beginning to now, has been used in "Michael · Jordan in the name of money. also remember when we were little, embrace the pilgrimage mood into the "Jordan sports store, but do not know this is not Jordan Jordan, hard to save the gift money to go to Fujian Jordan". actually, "Jordan sports" is just one of many domestic sports brands, local brands and Chinese almost all have been copied and copycat history. only can be seen from the name, they are in to Nike, Adidas these big foreign tribute. is the most widely known "XX g" - PEAK, Rui cheap air jordans Ke, Erke..... They follow... Is the world's first sport brand - "Nike Nike-". also has some very domineering brands, such as "ADI king", sounds than "Adidas Adidas-" tiger, Lining logo and Nike national brand was quite similar, the predecessor of 361 with the Italy sports brand DIADORA indistinct. no doubt, these brands are relying on the copycat started, but none of these behaviors, these brands is not possible until today. from the beginning in 90s, the state-run sports brand "Star", "warrior", "plum", "leap" have been declining, management is weak, still remain in the 70,80's design style. but Chinese sports began to soar, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games gold medal in the top three, 2001 Beijing's successful Olympic bid, Yao Ming became the 2002 NBA draft, the Houston rockets into the... ... dressed like a sports star, has become the majority of sports fans just need. Nike 〉. ??????nick jr spongebob games for free stripes jeans me and ro necklace weeds Peter pan collar blouses Blue with white White with black polka dot White blouse Chambray blouse jr spongebob games for free stripes jeans" /〉 official store in ruston louisiana newspaper This Kitchen is What My Dreams are Made of design your own shoes from scratch Full beard with handlebar nick jr spongebob games for free stripes jeans China Retro jordans for sale Lunar New Year of the year of the snake coming, many brands also launched specifically designed for the year of the snake and snake limited goods, has been one of the major brands like Reebok elements, following the introduction of wild leopard from South Korea earlier this year after Pump Fury, to launch Pump Fury new year snake limited, burning bright red the color and a lot of simulation snakeskin embossed decorative layer gradually, together with the dazzling red inflatable metal part, enhance the sense of hierarchy more show strong, as if to let the snake like dragons from the year title domineering. as the snake zodiac series, Reebok snake don't note adding many Chinese wind elements Pump Fury, which has always been tidal flavor Pump Fury releases a strong Chinese flavor, such as insoles rare to mark stamping technology printed on the "snake" Chinese words and elaborate design, together with the word R and snake pattern don't note ornaments, quite memorable. Don't you think it's nice to welcome new year's day with two big red shoes? times square CATalog - shop 607-608, building 6, Tongluowan Times Square (Tel. 2506-3928) Lane Crawford - 3 Guangdong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Tel.: 2118-3428) 56-58 on the ground floor of building J-01 - wheeling Wellington Street (Tel: 2530-5525) Christian Louboutin, the fam air jordan 11 space jam for sale ous French footwear brand, is famous in the world with a red flag to the bottom, in addition to another heavyweight tiger "Spikes" is also fast, by a celebrity sought after. Christian Louboutin also recently released a new "Rollerboat Flat", which is following the golden soul after the black version, this shoe made of rubber soles, leather shoes, Spikes shoes is still covering the whole body, heavy rock flavor. Design really lies in the imagination, there is no nail nail, really far away. Now this Rollerboat Flat can be purchased through the Christian Louboutin website, priced at $1095. source: Christian LouboutinAccording to knowledge, before this, President LaPorta once Sponsoring Firm design new uniforms "bold" and "modern", and think that the New Jersey did not destroy the tradition of barcelona. Change new uniforms mainly focus on: 1. red and blue striped shirt collar 2. narrower; behind the mark on the flag of Catalonia; 3. shorts changed from blue to red color; 4. road uniforms become grass yellow. Chinese in Nike official website, the functions of the Barcelona Jersey description is the "advanced Dri-Fit fabric with a unique fabric and fiber structure, can be the greatest degree of sweat and moisture dispersed, accelerate the sweat discharge and volatilization, let dry and comfortable become 90 minutes of fier jordan 3 katrina 2018 ce fighting in the strongest backing." from the world cup in South Africa, Nike will provide a high-tech green lumber shirt for its many national teams, a shirt made of 12 recycled plastic bottles. The plastic bottles bought from Japan and Taiwan were melted and made into polyester threads and spun into jerseys. Only during the world cup in South Africa, all national team jersey provided by Nike for 13 million plastic bottles waste, if these bottles end to end up to more than 3000 km.According to the SBD message, Jordan Brand will be released at the end of this year, a "UNC" color Jordan 6, there is no real spy outflow, the conjecture of graphs. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. shoe information: Air Jordan 6 "UNC" color: Black/University Blue number: 384664-006 offer date: December 30, 2017 price: $190 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!Air Jordan 6 North Carolina blue as we reported earlier, this time for everyone to bring tracking reports, unfortunately, for some men's fans might be bad news. The Jordan Brand sign of North Carolina blue to create Air Jordan 6 with sterile white color invincible combination, it is reported that the cheap foamposites sale only release the GS, is also the official child size. This means that for men's fans can only look at or to the other half. But the size of the maximum size of the overseas will cover the GS to US9.5, a relatively small part of the foot is still expected to be with the boys. Available time is March 25th. - your current version of - over the wall 1. Edison Chan's new album is called a monkey? instagram: edcee3000 's recent incarnation of "workaholic" Edison Chan not only brings us a lot of surprises in the trend field, but also has made new progress in music. After releasing his new single "cool" earlier this year, he released his "New Album Alert" announcement at his Instagram, suggesting the upcoming album is coming. And in the picture "a monkey" also can not help but make people guess, is this the theme of the album? In addition, think back to what we saw earlier in the world outside the wall as the trend version of "Sun Wukong". Do you think it's more exciting to connect with each other? 2., Supreme, x, PALACE, joint series, it's really instagram: tyson_sphinx really didn't lie to you, but I'm sure you guessed it. It's not an official product. As the two influential and popular in the circle of the skateboard brand, the "subtle" relationship is always in contrast with it, I know you but, at this stage both sides want a formal cooperation, is basically impossible, so... Someone helped them. As you can see above, this design comes from a new brand called Tyson Sphinx hand, the name of two brands were replaced each other to the most recognizable Box Logo and Tri Ferg Logo, with the most simple and crude way to give them a "joint". In addition, not only the clothes, and even Lookbook substitution using two brand Blondey McCoy and Jason Dill's model, the same, their "face" was not spared... IKEA 3. teach you how to DIY a Jon Snow Cloak instagram〉Between Adidas Ultra Boost continues to grow in popularity, the German supercar maker Porsche has launched a comprehensive solution for the top speed of running shoes. Two choose a more lightweight sturdy new material to reshape the shoe body, at the same time presented in black and white two colors respectively, and are equipped with elastic Boost corrosion and Porsche Design Log at the end of the epicenter, is undoubtedly the absolute guarantee of quality. 104650i3pu2z8ljl82k8ej.jpg (96.71 KB, download number: 1) download Porsche x adidas Ultra Boost full speed 2016-5-4 upload 15:41 black-porsche-adidas-ultra-boost-05_rptc4y.jpg (160.95 KB, download number: 1) download Porsche x adidas Ultra Boost full speed 2016-5-4 15:41 upload 00In addition to the Air Jordan GS Cool is just a pair of 6 Grey, Jordan Brand will continue to bring another White Green Infrared version for girls. This shoe body is composed of white leather, lining, heel and midsole is provided with black trim, supplemented by fluorescent color with shoe body details, and finally in the bottom of the red ink and silver color of the outsole is whole the most absorbing eye design. air-jordan-6-gs-white-infrared-green.jpg (304.16 KB, download number: 12) download Air Jordan 6 GS White Green Infrared 2016-3-7 08:29 upload air-jordan-6-gs-white-infrared-green-1.jpg (400.44 KB, download number: 13) download Air Jordan 6 GS White Green Infrared 2016-3-7 08:29 upload air-jordan-6-gs-white-infrared-green-2.jpg (241.95 KB, download number: 11) download Air Jordan 6 GS White Green Infrared 2016-3-7 08:30 upload air-jordan-6-gs-white-infrared-green-3.jpg (544.96 KB, download number: 14) download Air Jordan 6 GS White Green Infrared 2016-3-7 08:29 upload Jordan 00Bape Skull Sta shoes, in the fall of 2009, the upcoming new color series commodity -Cookie (Bing Qian). The dark color of the sole to the characteristics of deep coffee, deep purple, dark blue, black, to replace the original white or yellow color is cream, looks like a delicious Bing Qian. Favorite Bape shoes friends. This fall Bape 2009 Skull; Sta - Cookie also can be used as a reference. 1.jpg (46.82 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-1 11:41 upload 2.jpg (40.97 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-1 11:41 upload 3.jpg (41.32 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-1 11:41 upload 4.jpg (42.14 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-1 11:41 upload 5.jpg (39.35 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-9-1 11:41 upload 0.jpg (148.05 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-28 upload at 14:53 1.jpg (155.56 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-28 upload at 14:53 2.jpg (137.41 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-28 upload at 14:53 3.jpg (142.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-28 upload at 14:53 4.jpg (698.43 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-28 upload at 14:53 5.jpg (146.97 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-28 upload at 14:53 6.jpg (323.78 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-28 upload at 14:53